Human Cancer Metastasis Database (HCMDB)

---Large scale human cancer metastasis related gene expression studies, facilitate metastasis-related data query and analysis.

The cancer metastasis is the spread of advanced cancer from where they start to other part of human body. The HCMDB could facilitate cancer researchers to query genes, browse experiments and examine expression profile as well as DEG (Differentially expressed genes) network.

  • • Easy to use

    Users could easily use HCMDB database by entering gene symbol/ID, filtering cancer type or searching literature keywords, the query result is simple and directly understandable.

  • • Visualized result

    The search result is directly visible, including heatmap, network, etc.

  • • Upload customized dataset

    Users could upload their own dataset and select relevant datasets in HCMDB for comparative analysis.

  • • System highlight

    1. Integrated and automatic query and search.
    2. Specific subject of human cancer metastasis.
    3. Resourceful literatures library for metastasis study.

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TCGA-derived Database

---Collected and reanalyzed the data from TCGA

The TCGA-derived database mainly includes data types of gene expression, somatic mutation, correlation network of gene expression, clinical data, etc.

  • • Big data thoughts

    Systematically integrate dataset from TCGA. Supports multiple data types, with data normalization and standardization for the TCGA datasets, construct comprehensive genomic database for 33 types of cancer.

  • • Integrated analysis protocol

    The TCGA-derived database supplies abundant analysis, integrates genomic data with clinical data, in order to discovery original, canonical clinical cancer study result.

  • • System highlight

    1. Support multiple data types, quick import of mass data, fast cancer genomics database construction.
    2. Systematically support conjoint analysis combining clinical and genomics data.
    3. With the complement of the database, generate consisting yield of scientific finding.

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Human Cancer Methylation Database

---DNA methylation, gene expression and the correlation of methylation and gene expression as well as clinical data from TCGA and GEO.

DNA methylation is an important epigenetic regulation mean of gene transcription, plays a significant role in oncogenesis, thus human cancer methylation database is extremely important for cancer researcher.

  • • Multiple data source

    DNA methylation of Illumina Methylation 450k array from TCGA and GEO were collected and normalized for following analysis.

  • • Methylation level across gene region

    The methylation level represented by probe intensity was presented in different region.

  • • Correlation analysis

    Correlation analysis between DNA methylation and gene expression.

  • • Hierarchical clustering

    Hierarchical clustering in different cancers.

  • • System highlight

    1. Multiple data source and integrated analysis.
    2. Reveal the correlation between DNA methylation and gene expression.
    3. Integrated survival analysis combining methylation data and clinical data.
    4. Visualized genome browser for DNA methylation level.

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